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 The project investigates the number of possible and flexible operations for a non-standardised building with information and coordination functions in case of emergency. The starting point is the shape: the only element manually generated by the designer. It can be of any shape, according to the context. The parametric developed algorithm is associated with this shape. It develops, in automatic generation, all elements of the project, from the structural part to the envelope’s elements up to the services area in the object’s axis.


inserimento nel contesto © Tommaso Mandorino . 

The main elements of the architectural object are: – the beams’ structure: the main structure in created with a series of 60 linear and closed elements of wood, connected each other transversely with joists. This structures can be assembled above a concrete stalls or on a series of prefabricated concrete plinths. – internal cladding: this layer is made by a number of panels made by glasses, woods, plastics or metal plates. Also it is possible to use prefabricated insulated panels. Since the building is symmetrical and cladding is controlled by software, it is relatively simple to obtain the various pieces. – external envelope: this external layer is created on a surface machined through triangulation. Each piece is made with three linear elements of metal that support the textule material made with waving coarse.


 © Tommaso Mandorino .


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